Highly Anticipated CIN Staking Pool goes live!

CIN staking pool is now live and users can manually stake their CIN holdings to enjoy staking reward

Hello Coinsbit Tigers, by now you must be familiar with the CIN tokens and how a portion of the tokens you earn via airdrop and the referrals are locked and staked automatically. Now we are excited to announce that our first CIN staking pool is live. This means you can now manually stake your CIN holdings in your Coinsbit India portal.

In this article, we will guide you on how you can start staking your CIN tokens. Before you begin, you need to ensure you have at least 100 CIN tokens. Any amount less than that cannot be staked.

Here’s how you stake CIN:

1. On the homepage, click on Finance on the upper left-hand side, and from the drop-down menu click on Staking Pool.

2. On this page, you will see the CIN staking pool

3. Now click on Staking.

4. On this page, you will be able to choose the amount you want to stake, keep track of when staking reward will be received next, and also check your staking history.

5. You can simply enter the desired amount you wish to stake or click Max to stake all your holdings and click on Staking. That’s it you have successfully staked your tokens and the transaction should show up on the History Staking section below.

6. You can also unstake your holdings on the same page by entering the amount you want to unstack and then clicking Unstaking. However, you must pay an unstaking fee of 0.2%.

Do note that your staking rewards are automatically credited. For now, you enjoy a 3% staking reward with CIN tokens every month. Also, more cryptocurrency staking pools will be added in the future, stay tuned.

In case you come across any problems while trying to stake your tokens, don’t hesitate to contact our support, we are here for you. Happy Staking!

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